Monday, February 26, 2007

The Runaway Princess by Kate Coombs

In The Runaway Princess, Princess Margaret, or Meg, is not your ordinary princess. She would much rather be out mucking around in one of the ponds with her best friend Cam than doing anything a princess should do, like embroidery. Yuck! So when her father, King Stromgard, decides it’s time for her to marry, he pits all of the princes in the land against each other in a contest to win Meg’s hand. But, Meg has other ideas and decides to outsmart the princes and win the contest herself.

For those who liked Ella Enchanted and Goose Chase, you are sure to enjoy this fairy tale of a strong-willed princess who is not satisfied with the way things have always been. A delightful story filled with magic, witches, frogs, dragons, and wizards. (YA 7th grade & up)


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