Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Archer's Quest by Linda Sue Park

Most kids know to call 911 when a stranger comes into their house. But Kevin doesn’t have time for this. The arrow that shot through his baseball cap is stuck in the wall, and a new arrow is ready to be shot – right at Kevin. The arrow wielding intruder says that his name is Koh Chu-mong, Skillful Archer, and that he comes from the (ancient) kingdom of Yemek (the country that is today called Korea). Kevin has many decisions to make that all center on one question: is Archer telling the truth, or is he a crazy man who only believes that he is an ancient king? If Archer is from the past than why is he here and how can Kevin help him get back? If Archer is delusional than how can Kevin help him, or at least escape from this man who claims that he got into Kevin’s bedroom when he fell off of a tiger?

Archer’s Quest is a fast paced adventure where reader and author alike can play the game of “What if?” This book gives a small taste of how interesting the past can be – especially when it comes falling into your room with bow and arrow!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson

Nina, Mel and Avery have been inseparable friends for years. As the summer leading into their Senior year in High School rolls around, events unfold that begin driving wedges into their once cohesive bond. When Nina flies across the country for a Summer camp at Stanford, she meets the earthy Steve and swan dives into loving admiration.

Meanwhile, back home, Mel and Avery are beginning to forge a different kind of bond in their relationship. When Nina returns she senses something amiss as the once strong trio has become more akin to a lopsided duet. Finding herself struggling with the realities of the new situation, Nina turns to Steve, whose once comforting and frequent emails slowly begin to wane. It isn't long before all three girls must begin to examine their relationships with their own selves to understand their relationships with each other.

The Bermudez Triangle is a page turning novel of discovery, relationships, the pain of heartbreak and the glory of friendship.


Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

Five years ago Griff Burkett, famous quarterback for the Cowboys, did the unthinkable in the sports world: purposely threw games to pay off his gambling debts. Having done his time in prison, Griff is looking to make a new start. But, the first person he sees on his way out of prison is Stanley Rodarte, a low-life scumbag whose sole purpose in life is to bring Griff down.

Not only does Griff have to worry about Rodarte, he has been offered the most bizarre job, so to speak, for Foster and Laura Speakman, a wealthy couple who desperately want to have a child. Griff has been offered a lot of money to father their child and accepting this offer would leave him set for life. But, an offer this good does not come without a price and Griff must decide if he is willing to pay it.

Play Dirty is one of the best books Sandra Brown has written in a long time. The characters are great and the surprise twists and turns of the story will keep readers guessing until the end.


Good, Good Pig by Sy Montgomery

The naturalist author lives on a farm in New Hampshire with her writer husband and their pig Christopher Hogwood. In Good, Good Pig, she shares and celebrates the learnings garnered from living with him for 10 years; connectedness to community, love and living to appreciate the gifts of life in the present.


Here If You Need Me: A True Story by Kate Braestrup

A memoir by a chaplain to the Maine Warden Service, Kate Braestrup writes of her life as a widow with four young children. She chooses to go to seminary to become a minister, after the tragic death of her state trooper husband.
Here If You Need Me tells the stories of Kate's life serving as chaplain for search and rescue missions in the Maine woods, giving comfort both to the victims families, and to the rescuers. Providing her presence, her comfort, her sense of humor as well as her religious support when requested, she serves as a compassionate and caring presence during times of tragedy and of joy, and reminds us that love and gratitude give meaning to our lives.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Austenland by Sharon Hale

In the novel Austenland, Jane Hayes’ past 13 boyfriends have not compared favorably to Mr. Darcy. Through a bequest from a wealthy great aunt, she travels to an English resort which caters to women who want to live their fantasies in the regency era, complete with carriages, corsets, empire-waist gowns and actors who portray the Regency aristocracy. With hopes of shedding her unrealistic fantasies with regency men and getting on with her real life by immersing herself in regency life for three weeks, she finds herself drawn into mastering Regency etiquette, language and flirting. But her modern sensibilities are at war with the pleasure she feels at times. Does she master her obsession or does she find her own Mr. Darcy: handsome, tall, opinionated, and humbled by Jane’s own realness. Definitely a fun read, and one women who enjoy Austen will want to read!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jinx by Meg Cabot

Jean Honeychurch, or Jinx as she is called by her friends and family, has the worst luck in the world. Bad luck has followed her around since birth. In fact, to escape her current misfortune, she is sent to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in New York.

Jinx is looking forward to living in New York. The last time she saw her cousin Tory they had such a good time together. But 5 years is a long time not to see anyone and Tory is certainly not what Jinx expected. The new Tory dabbles in drugs, considers herself to be a witch, and has established a coven for witches.

When Jinx realizes that Tory has cast spells, rather unsuccessfully, on the people around her she must step in and finally embrace her own magical power to combat Tory.

Jinx contains all the usual elements of a Meg Cabot book including, humor, romance, witty dialogue with an extra twist of magic. Those who enjoy reading other Cabot books will like this one also.


The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club by Jessica Morrison

At the age of seventeen, Cassie Moore planned her life. On a color-coded spreadsheet, she broke her life into eight manageable ten year stages that were broken down further by five year major goals. Cassie has followed her plan religiously for the past 11 years, never straying from her path. But, in one day, Cassie’s life is turned upside down. She loses her job and she comes home to find her fiancĂ©e in bed with his ex-girlfriend…so not in her plan.

In a drunken stupor, Cassie decides she needs time off from her plan, six months, in fact, and she books herself a flight to Buenos Aires. Here she spends the next six months learning Spanish, meeting new people, and finding herself.

The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club is an uplifting story of a woman who must let go of everything she has believed in for years to rebuild her life around the theory that sometimes life cannot be planned.


Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot

Lizzie Nichols, notorious for not being able to keep a secret, is living her dream. After spending the summer in France, she is living in New York with her hot, new boyfriend, Luke. Well, maybe not quite living her dream as she has no money, no job and is living in Luke’s mother’s apartment, but, she is living in New York.

Now she just has to find her dream job of “vintage wedding gown designer/restorer.” After all she did not get her degree in Fashion History from the University of Michigan for nothing. Oh, but wait, she does not have her degree yet, because she went to France last summer and just recently handed in her thesis.

None of these set backs keep Lizzie down for long. She has high hopes of finding her dream job, getting Luke to marry her, and being recognized by Vogue magazine for her creative wedding gown designs. Even her big mouth has not gotten her into trouble…yet.

In Queen of Babble in the Big City, Cabot once again delivers a light, fun read that will be a sure hit for her many fans. If you haven’t read it yet, read Queen of Babble first.

Obsession by Karen Robards

Katharine Lawrence is brutally attacked at home one night for no reason she can understand, but it instantly changes her life. Her memory seems to have short-circuited from the attack. In addition, she no longer feels she can trust the people she was once close to and has a deep-seated fear that they mean to do her harm.

The only person she feels some sort of connection to is her neighbor—Dr. Dan Howard. But, even he elicits an emotional response in her that she is not sure to trust. She soon discovers she has no choice but to trust him and they find themselves on the run trying to stay one step ahead of those who wish to see her dead.

With great characters and a strong plot, Obsession is a tense, suspenseful novel that will keep you guessing to the end with all of its twists and turns.