Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Austenland by Sharon Hale

In the novel Austenland, Jane Hayes’ past 13 boyfriends have not compared favorably to Mr. Darcy. Through a bequest from a wealthy great aunt, she travels to an English resort which caters to women who want to live their fantasies in the regency era, complete with carriages, corsets, empire-waist gowns and actors who portray the Regency aristocracy. With hopes of shedding her unrealistic fantasies with regency men and getting on with her real life by immersing herself in regency life for three weeks, she finds herself drawn into mastering Regency etiquette, language and flirting. But her modern sensibilities are at war with the pleasure she feels at times. Does she master her obsession or does she find her own Mr. Darcy: handsome, tall, opinionated, and humbled by Jane’s own realness. Definitely a fun read, and one women who enjoy Austen will want to read!

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