Thursday, August 16, 2007

Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot

Lizzie Nichols, notorious for not being able to keep a secret, is living her dream. After spending the summer in France, she is living in New York with her hot, new boyfriend, Luke. Well, maybe not quite living her dream as she has no money, no job and is living in Luke’s mother’s apartment, but, she is living in New York.

Now she just has to find her dream job of “vintage wedding gown designer/restorer.” After all she did not get her degree in Fashion History from the University of Michigan for nothing. Oh, but wait, she does not have her degree yet, because she went to France last summer and just recently handed in her thesis.

None of these set backs keep Lizzie down for long. She has high hopes of finding her dream job, getting Luke to marry her, and being recognized by Vogue magazine for her creative wedding gown designs. Even her big mouth has not gotten her into trouble…yet.

In Queen of Babble in the Big City, Cabot once again delivers a light, fun read that will be a sure hit for her many fans. If you haven’t read it yet, read Queen of Babble first.

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