Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson

Nina, Mel and Avery have been inseparable friends for years. As the summer leading into their Senior year in High School rolls around, events unfold that begin driving wedges into their once cohesive bond. When Nina flies across the country for a Summer camp at Stanford, she meets the earthy Steve and swan dives into loving admiration.

Meanwhile, back home, Mel and Avery are beginning to forge a different kind of bond in their relationship. When Nina returns she senses something amiss as the once strong trio has become more akin to a lopsided duet. Finding herself struggling with the realities of the new situation, Nina turns to Steve, whose once comforting and frequent emails slowly begin to wane. It isn't long before all three girls must begin to examine their relationships with their own selves to understand their relationships with each other.

The Bermudez Triangle is a page turning novel of discovery, relationships, the pain of heartbreak and the glory of friendship.


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