Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

Five years ago Griff Burkett, famous quarterback for the Cowboys, did the unthinkable in the sports world: purposely threw games to pay off his gambling debts. Having done his time in prison, Griff is looking to make a new start. But, the first person he sees on his way out of prison is Stanley Rodarte, a low-life scumbag whose sole purpose in life is to bring Griff down.

Not only does Griff have to worry about Rodarte, he has been offered the most bizarre job, so to speak, for Foster and Laura Speakman, a wealthy couple who desperately want to have a child. Griff has been offered a lot of money to father their child and accepting this offer would leave him set for life. But, an offer this good does not come without a price and Griff must decide if he is willing to pay it.

Play Dirty is one of the best books Sandra Brown has written in a long time. The characters are great and the surprise twists and turns of the story will keep readers guessing until the end.


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