Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Archer's Quest by Linda Sue Park

Most kids know to call 911 when a stranger comes into their house. But Kevin doesn’t have time for this. The arrow that shot through his baseball cap is stuck in the wall, and a new arrow is ready to be shot – right at Kevin. The arrow wielding intruder says that his name is Koh Chu-mong, Skillful Archer, and that he comes from the (ancient) kingdom of Yemek (the country that is today called Korea). Kevin has many decisions to make that all center on one question: is Archer telling the truth, or is he a crazy man who only believes that he is an ancient king? If Archer is from the past than why is he here and how can Kevin help him get back? If Archer is delusional than how can Kevin help him, or at least escape from this man who claims that he got into Kevin’s bedroom when he fell off of a tiger?

Archer’s Quest is a fast paced adventure where reader and author alike can play the game of “What if?” This book gives a small taste of how interesting the past can be – especially when it comes falling into your room with bow and arrow!

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