Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Snowfly

Joseph Heywood is a Michigan author, with multiple titles to his name. The Snowfly tells a tale of suspense, international intrigue, and fly fishing. Not a common combination, and yet the result is a vivid tale with a legendary insect at its core. This snowfly is enormous and exceedingly rare, hatching only every seven to ten years and never on the same river twice. When it does magically appear, it causes trout to rise that are larger and rarer than those ever seen. So large, that they would have had to live forty years or more, and are only tempted to the surface by this rare fly. It becomes the quest of the most obsessed trout hunters, existing only in myth and lost manuscript.

The story introduces Bowie Rhodes, beginning at the age of eight, who himself is growing up in Northern Michigan. We watch Bowie grow up and leave home to pursue career as a writer, all the while trying to keep the obsession at arm's length. His reporting takes him around the world and into many dangerous situations -- Vietnam, the Soviet Union and Canada -- and evidence of the snowfly appears at unexpected turns.

Rich in descriptions and characters, The Snowfly takes a unique look into the human spirit.


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