Monday, May 21, 2007

Beautiful Lies

Lisa Unger's debut novel, Beautiful Lies, takes the reader through a fast-paced thriller that looks at how timing and a moment's decision can bring a complete change to everything in one's life. The heroine, Ridley Jones, has had a perfect life, with only a few imperfections in her loving family. A chance good deed, caught on film by a photographer, brings her a moment in the spotlight. That causes someone from a past she didn't know about to contact her and insist that the perfect life she thinks she's leading is nothing but a lie.

Suddenly nothing is as it seems, and everything she knows of her family is under suspicion. Unraveling the truth causes her to question everything she has ever known, and everyone she turns to seems to have their own lies and hidden agendas. Not knowing who to trust or believe, each revelation brings about it's own consequences and dangers. The twists and turns don't end until the final page, and there are some questions that may never have answers.


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