Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

"Can I go outside?"
"What does your mother say?"
"She says you're not going out in weather like that, Coraline Jones."
"Then, no."
"But I want to carry on exploring."
"Then explore the flat," suggested her father. "Look--here's a piece of paper and a pen. Count all the doors and windows. List everything blue. Mount an expedition to discover the hot water tank. And leave me alone to work." (7)

Coraline Jones, mistakenly called Caroline by all of her new neighbors, has just moved into a new house that they share with two former actreses and a crazy old man who claims to talk to his mouse circus. While exploring, Coraline discovers that the door in the drawing room --which originally went nowhere -- now connects her to an alternate universe. She finds a world like hers, with an "other mother" and "other father" who want her to stay. They want her to stay with them so badly, they kidnap Coraline's real parents. Coraline must now find her real parents in the fantastical world if she is ever to return to her real home. Read Coraline by Neil Gaiman either before or after you see the movie. Which one do you like more?

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