Monday, March 30, 2009

Flip by David Lubar

"There aren't any interstellar spaceships," she said, resuming her lecture. "There aren't any aliens. And there aren't any artifacts."
"Really?"...""Then what's this?" Ryan asked, pointing at a bed of weeds near his feet?" (16)

Twin eighth-graders Ryan and Taylor McKenzie are nothing alike. Taylor is the straight A+ star athlete who organizes her pencils and likes to get to school early. Ryan could care less about school, sports, or finishing anything he starts, according to his father. However, Ryan is intent on finding pieces of what he believes is an alien spacecraft that blew up during the night. When he finds them, he discovers they have the power to "flip" him into a legendary figure from Earth's history. Becoming Babe Ruth during gym class might be fun, but becoming Elvis in the lunch room and performing kareoke definitely draws the wrong kind of attention from teachers, students, and parents alike, especially if the school bully is looking for you. Can Taylor convince Ryan to keep a low profile, long enough to stay alive? Find out by reading David Lubar's Flip.

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