Monday, April 20, 2009

Firegirl by Tony Abbot

"As horrible as I thought the girl would look, when I imagined what burned people looked like, it was nothing compared to what stepped into the room.
Jessica Feeney's face, the first thing everyone looked at, was like a mask. I looked at her, then away, and then back at her. I couldn't believe I was looking at the face of someone alive. ...
Her lips were swollen. They nearly filled the space between her nose and chin. Her eyes peeked out from behind skin that looked melted. Her hair was mostly short. Her arms were covered, except that the forearms were bare and blotchy. Her fingers were bent as if she were trying to grab something." (33)

Tom Bender's seventh grade class has a new student named Jessica Fenney. While anyone would be curious about a new student, Jessica's burned appearance is anything but ordinary, and speculation flies as to why she's here and what happened. Tom, who is experiencing difficulties with his only friend Jeff, finds himself interacting with Jessica more than anyone else. Does that make them friends, or will the rumors ruin any chance at friendship? From the author of Secrets of Droon series, Tony Abbott brings us Firegirl, a completely different book about overcoming obstacles.

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