Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer

"Don't make us join the library," Marty begged. "It's too dangerous."
"Dangerous? How could a library be dangerous?" Dad asked.
"It's no the library," Marty whispered. "It's the librarian."
"Mrs. Murphy?" said Mom. "She's a lovely old lady."...
"She has a spud gun under her desk," added Marty. "A gas-powered one that takes an entire potato in the barrel. She shoots kids with it if they make a noise in the library. That's why we call her Spud Murphy." (8-12)

Eoin Colfer presents us with the story of Will and Marty Woodman, the oldest of five brothers. When their parents get tired of the yelling and the war paint, they send Marty and Will to the library for a more educational use of their time. While there, they get banished to the children's carpet, where one step off sends Mrs. Murphy to their side. Eventually they start to enjoy the books that they find, but what happens when they've read all the books in the small children's section? How will they pass the six hours every week, without facing The Legend of Spud Murphy?


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