Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez

"Son, I know you're wondering why we asked you not to go telling folks that we got some Mexicans working for us."
Tyler sits down, feeling relieved. Finally, the big mystery will be explained to him.
But his mother is shooting glances at his father. "We haven't yet decided how we're going to approach this," she reminds him.
"I think the boy should know. What if there's a raid or something?"
A raid!
"Are we doing something wrong?" Tyler is shocked. (55-56)

Tyler has had a horrible summer, with his beloved Grandfather dying and his father suffering a horrible tractor accident. After coming back from visiting relatives in Boston, Tyler finds out that his father has hired a family of illegal immigrants to help out on their Vermont dairy farm. Tyler is conflicted on what his parents are doing, especially when he ends up with one of the three girls in his class at school. Between a missing mother, an arrested uncle, and a raid on the farm, the girls' lives are anything but easy. Read Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez to find out if Tyler ends up helping them in the end.


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