Monday, July 13, 2009

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

"Mother Claire married Father when she was fourteen and he was seventeen.
Mother Victoria married Father when she was thirteen and he was nineteen.
Mother Sarah married Father when she was thirteen and he was twenty-one.
And now me. Me. Marrying my uncle who must be sixty, at least." (26)

Almost fourteen-year-old Kyra Leigh Carlson lives with her father, 20 brothers and sisters, and three mothers on the compound of the Chosen Ones. While she disobeys the rules when she sneaks away to borrow forbidden books from the book mobile, she's fairly happy. She hopes that one day she will be Chosen by Joshua Johnson, whom she sneaks out at night to meet in the shadows. Instead, she receives word from the Prophet Childs that God has proclaimed she marry her uncle and become his seventh wife. Carol Lynch Williams spins a dramatic story of betrayal and escape in The Chosen One as Kyra realizes what her life could be outside the compound.


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