Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Peace, Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson

There was a time when all of us were together. There was a time before the fire and before nobody wanted to be my foster mama until Miss Edna came along. There was a time before your foster mama came and said, "I'll take the little girl but I don't want no boys." You were the little girl, Lili. And you didn't want to go. It was rainging that day just like it's raining now. And you held on to me and cried and cried. You kept saying, I want to be with my brother. (7)

Lonnie "Locomotion" Motion lives with his foster mother and brother in New York. He lives apart from his biological sister Lili, who he gets to see about once a week. He's worried about his memories of his biological parents fading, so he's become the "rememberer" for their tiny family. Locomotion's connections with his foster family become stronger though, as they all worry about his foster brother's involvement with the army oversees. In the follow up to Locomotion, Jacqueline Woodson's Peace Locomotion asks the question of how many families can you love at one time.


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