Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Treasure Map of Boys by E. Lockhart

Noel had been kissing Ariel Olivieri.
I felt shattered.
Except, how could I be shattered? We weren't together. We would never be together, because of Nora liking him. We had barely spoken to one another since the term started.
Get over it, I told myself. You're not allowed to be shattered.
He's your Chem partner. You're his bodyguard.
Nothing more. (50)

E. Lockhart continues Ruby Oliver's journey through high school in the latest installment The Treasure Map of Boys. Following the events of The Boy Book, Ruby Oliver is faced with the dillema of being in a perpetual state of noboyfriend. That doesn't mean that she still doesn't have boy trouble though. She's conflicted by her feelings towards her ex-boyfriend Jackson who cheated on her with her ex-bestfriend Kim. Noel also seems to like Ruby, but Ruby is trying not to let Nora find out because she promised Nora (who likes Noel) that Ruby wouldn't date him. And then there's the little fact that Nora recently got fired from her job at the zoo for calling a dad drunk. Overall, it's no wonder that Ruby is having panic attacks. If only life wasn't so complicated.


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