Monday, November 09, 2009

Wake by Lisa McMann

She closes her eyes. Tries to think. Holds up a weak finger, letting him know she needs a moment. But she feels the next one coming already. She doesn't have much time. And she has to prepare him. She doesn't have a choice.
"Cabel. Do not freak if--when--I do that again, okay? Do NOT stop the bus. Do NOT tell a teacher, oh God, no. No matter what." She grips the armrests and fights to keep her vision. "Can you trust me? Trust me and just let it happen?"
The pain of concentration is excruciating. She is cringing, holding her head. [...] Cabel is gawking at Janie. "Okay," he says. "Okay." (74)

In Lisa McMann's first book Wake, seventeen year old Janie Hannangan is getting fed up with her special ability to jump uncontrolably into people's dreams. It's been happening ever since she was eight, with increasing frequency now that her classmates are falling asleep in school and on fieldtrips. She's kept her curse a secret, until classmate Cabel starts trying to determine what's different about Janie. Her ability reveals that Cabel also has his own secrets to hide, and they just might be more than she ever realized.


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