Thursday, December 14, 2006

How to Be Popular By Meg Cabot

After spilling a red Super Big Gulp all over a popular girl’s white skirt in 6th grade, Steph Landry has been shunned by just about everybody in her class for the past five years. Now in 11th grade, Steph sets out to change all that by following advice from an old book she found, How To Be Popular. The book covers everything from what to wear to how to get the boy of your dreams.

And, how exactly do you get the boy of your dreams?

According to the book, you “brush those pearly whites and start practicing (your smile)….Then next time you pass him in the hallway, show those dimples!”

O.k. so maybe the advice seems a little outdated but it works for Steph and before she knows it she is the most popular girl at school. But, being popular is hard work and difficult to maintain and Steph has to decide what is really important to her.

Meg Cabot of The Princess Diaries fame has written another winner. The popularity advice at the beginning of each chapter is priceless. Although Steph seems a little whiny at times and her put downs of her best friend can be annoying, the situations are quite humorous and her fans are sure to enjoy this one. (YA 10th grade & up)


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