Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Notes From the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick

Upset that his parents have divorced and that his mom has started dating, sixteen-year-old Alex Gregory decides to get drunk, steal the keys to his mom’s car, and head over to his dad’s house to give him a piece of his mind. Along the way he manages to run the car up on the neighbor’s lawn, throw-up all over the police officer and get himself arrested for drunk driving. What more could go wrong?

How about spending 100 hours of his time at the old folk’s home doing community service; spending his time with a crotchety old man, Sol Lewis, who doesn’t appreciate him? That is until Sol and Alex find a common bond and they develop the friendship of a lifetime.

In Notes from the Midnight Driver, Jordan Sonnenblick writes with a fresh, authentic teen voice as he captures the anger and selfishness of this age. Although the ending is somewhat predictable, you will still find yourself emotionally attached to both characters. This is a funny, poignant read that will be enjoyed by both adults and teens.
(YA 10th grade & up)


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