Sunday, January 06, 2008

Now and Then

For fans of Robert B. Parker and the Spenser novels, Now and Then will not disappoint. For those new to Robert B. Parker, although there are some references to past exploits, it would be a great taste of his work. A new client asks Spenser to look into his wife's "abnormal" behavior, starting a chain of events that will end up putting everyone involved into harm's way. It also stirs memories about a situation that occurred years before between Spenser and his long-time love, Susan Silverman.

Backed in his exploits by good friend Hawk, as well as Vinnie the sharpshooter, and Chollo, another old friend sent for from California, the dialogue alone is enough to recommend this title. Especially those who remember the television show, "Spenser for Hire", one can truly be transported back with the quick and often hilarious repartee between the characters.

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