Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Moning

Beyond the Mist: Adrienne De Simone is a beautiful young woman who got caught up with a beautiful but dangerous guy. She ends up on the run. One night she’s stroking her kitty, Moonshadow and seconds later she’s sitting in the lap of an ugly rogue with a handful of teeth and groping hands on her breast. Long story short, she’s forced to marry a man to keep peace between clans in the sixteenth century. There is much beefcake, fairies and peril. And let’s throw in a bit of “Taming of the Shrew” for good measure. I don’t read chick lit, paranormal or romance and this book is all that. I still won’t be picking up this kind of book in the future, but I now know why they are popular.It is a page turner (I read it in a day), has easy dialogue and this particular author is funny. The dialect is fairly modern even though it’s set in the sixteenth century. There are some detail that would have been nice, like how she continued living in a nice home with a housekeeper. At times it was a little campy but the steamy scenes were nice distractions.


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