Monday, May 18, 2009

All of the Above by Shelley Pearsall

"Starting on Monday, here's the contest we are going to have," Collins says to the class.
I don't even listen. Who cares about some dumb math contest?
"We are going to have a contest ot bild one of these." Collins smacks his palm on the chalkboard pyramid and chalk dust flies up in the air. "A tetrahedron. Nobody has ever made one larger than six levels before. That's the record. So, our school is going to build a bigger one." Collins looks around the classroom like he is expecting us to be excited about his crazy idea. "So what do you think? Who wants to give this a try?" (12)

Four inner-city seventh grade students in Cleveland, Ohio are encouraged by their fruastrated math teacher to build the world's largest tetrahedron. A tetrahedron is a triangular pyramid made completely of triangles. It's surprising who originally appears, and their reasons for continuing the project. However, disaster strikes, and the students are left wondering if they are really dedicated enough to finish the project. The fact that's it based on a true story definitely makes Shelley Pearsall's All of the Above a one of a kind story.

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