Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Canned by Alex Shearer

"Now then. Moment of truth. Fergal reached forward, grasped the can and slowly lifted it up.
Something slide out onto the paper on the desk. Fergal had to study it for several seconds before he knew what it was. In truth, maybe he knew instantly, but it took time for his brain to believe his eyes. It was so improbable, so impossible, so not what he had expected. Of all the things he had thought to find in the can, he had never imagined anything like this." (49-50)

In Canned by Alex Shearer, Fergal Bamfield has a hobby. It's not collecting baseball cards though, or coins, but cans. Cans without labels that he finds in the bottom of the bargain bin at the supermarket. When his mother and father say no more cans, he becomes resigned to open the one can that's the most different from all the rest. What he finds inside however, leads him to uncover a sinster plot that results in putting Fergal's life at risk. The only person who knows what happened is a young girl just as eccentric as Fergal. When her evidence disappears and no one believes her, will she be able to save Fergal on her own?


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