Sunday, May 10, 2009

Geek Chic: The Zoey Zone by Margie Palatini

"Before you give yourself a total ha-ha snickerfest, yes, I know, fairy godmothers are in that group with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Wish Upon a Star, etc., etc., etc. . . . ... I am not giving up Santa Clause --EVER--and being halfway to eleven is when you really absolutely need a fairy godmother the most. I'm going to require major fairy dust intervention in the hair department alone. There are just so many days a person can wear a hat, if you know what I mean. (4-5)

In Geek Chic: The Zoey Zone by Margie Palatini, Zoey Zinevich, almost 11, is desperately trying to become popular before the sixth grade. Unfortunately, a fairy godmother does not seem to be magically appearing to help her out. Zoey is left to her own devices. These attempts however, find her wearing a bowling shirt and fedora to school and being laughed at repeatedly by the Bashleys (Brittany and Ashley). When a popular magazine photographer arrives at school to take pictures, Zoey's worried that her picture is going to end up in the what not to wear section.


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