Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Lost and Found by Andrew Clements

Jay said, "They think there's only one of us. So only one of us has to go to school, and I've got it all planned out. It's going to be great. We have to do this Ray, we have to. Don't you see?"
Ray snorted. "All I see is a kid who's completely insane. I mean sure, it might be fun and everything but you know we'd get caught, then what?"

Jay and Ray Grayson are identical twins who are just starting the sixth grade in a new town. Ray however, has to stay home sick for the first day of school. Jay attends alone, only find out that a clerical error means the school is expecting only one new boy. After loving a day of not being mistaken for his twin, he convinces his brother to alternate days of attendance with him. While they might look alike, the twins have their own personalities, and they discover that maintaining one identity to avoid discovery is just as difficult as maintaining their own seperate identities. As a father of identical twin boys, well-known author Andrew Clements brings his personal experience to his newest book, Lost and Found.

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