Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mascot to the Rescue! by Peter David

“I’m going to die . . . I’m going to die. . . .”
“Josh!” Kelsey was shaking him, trying to get his attention.”
“I’m going to fall off a bridge and die–”
“Josh, you’re not him! You’re not Mascot!”
“I know that!” Josh said. “But everything that happens to him happens to me, too! You can’t deny that!” (54)

Josh Miller identifies with the superhero sidekick Mascot in the comic strip that gets delivered to his house once a month. So when the most recent issue seems to spell the end for Mascot, Josh is intent on changing the course of events. Accompanied by the new girl at school Kelsey and a company mail clerk, they run away and set out on an adventure to find the creator Stan Kirby. When the police get involved, just like in the comics, does Josh meet Mascot’s untimely fate? Read Peter David's book Macot to the Rescue! and see just how real comics could be.


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