Monday, June 15, 2009

Gods of Manhattan by Scott Mebus

He could make out a small pigeon hopping along the roof's edge. [...] It inched along the edge of the roof near one of the gargoyles, a lion's head with its stone mouth open in a growl. The pigeon stopped just short of the gargoyle, looking away at something on the roof. Then, in a flash, the gargoyle head turned and gobbled the pigeon up in one huge bite. Feathers burst out of its mouth and floated softly down toward Rory's astonished face. He would have thought he'd imagined this, too, if the gargoyle wasn't still chewing. Finally, with a swallow, the gargoyle went back to stillness. If not for the falling feathers, nothing would have been different. (pg. 12)

Thirteen year old New Yorker Rory Hennessy thinks he's going mad. After he assists a magician at his sister's birthday party, he starts seeing things that other people can't see. It's obvious to him when shadowy figures called Strangers try to snatch him that he is not going crazy. Instead, he finds out that he is the last known Light, and enters into a centuries old war amongst the ghosts and gods of Manhattan. With everyone trying to convince him that he should fight on their side, debut novelist Scott Mebus keeps readers guessing with who's the good gods and who's the bad guys in Gods of Manhattan. And as Rory and his sister soon find out, sometimes they're one and the same.


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