Monday, July 20, 2009

Project Sweet Life by Brent Hartinger

"How are we going to make seven thousand dollars?" Victor said. "You still haven't told us that. And I hope it goes without saying that whatever it is, it's got to be legal."
"It does go without saying," Curtis said. "Trust me, I have the perfect, and perfectly legal, idea for making the money we need."
"So?" Victor said. "What is it?" (18-19)

Dave, Curtis, and Victor are fifteen year old best friends who are looking forward to spending one last summer doing absolutely nothing. That changes however, when their dads start talking and decide that this summer is the perfect time to get a summer job. Needless to say, the boys don't agree, and figure out that as long as they can produce the money at summer's end, their dads' won't matter that they didn't actually get jobs. What's one little lie? The lies escalate however, and after one quick rich scheme after another fails, the boys realize that this might be harder than it first seemed. Find out if they finally succeed in Brent Hartinger's Project Sweet Life.


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