Sunday, July 19, 2009

Riding the Storm by Salamanda Drake

Drane turned even paler than usual and his mouth hung open. He even forgot his fear of Mistress Hildebrand far enough to voice a feeble protest. "Arena crew? But I might have to climb up the masts -- I'm scared of heights!"
"Heights aren't anything to worry about," the Chief Riding Instructor told him callously. "Height never killed anyone--hitting the ground, that's what does it. If you're scared of the ground, we'd better get you up high as soon as possible, hadn't we?" (21)

Salamanda Drake's Dragonsdale series about friendship and dragons continues with Riding the Storm. This is Breena's last shot at winning the Junior Championship and joining the guard flight at Dragonsdale, something she's dreamed of her entire life. But now that Cara's dad is finally letting her ride, she and her dragon Skydancer seem to be unstoppable. When an accident destroys the trust bond between Breena and her dragon, Breena becomes even more jealous of Cara's ability to win. Running away from the problem seems like a smart idea, but a storm is brewing, causing almost deadly consequences for the pair. In the midst of it all, Hortense's busy-body ways bring more trouble for Cara as she tries to save a new friend's way of life. And Drane, in all his patheticness, struggles to find his spot at his new home.


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