Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson

The hypodermic needle protruded out of the tourist's clawlike finger. Dan leaned closer to the window. . . .
"Dan!" She screamed the name. In her head. But it came out like a strangled croak.
Amy threw herself forward. At the very last second, she flung out her hand. (3)

Amy and Dan Cahill find themselves - with their au pair Nellie and their cat Saladin -- in the sweltering heat of Egypt. Before they can even arrive at their hotel, competing teams make an attempt to take them out of the competition for good. The clues lead them literally following in Grace's footseps from years before. But the brother and sister team still has trouble figuring out who to trust, as a piece of their grandmother is stolen from a supposed friend. Will they find the next clue in time? Jude Watson continues the 39 Clues series with the fourth book, Beyond the Grave.


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