Friday, August 14, 2009

Clementine by Sarah Pennypacker

Ok, fine. So maybe Clementine, the third grader main character in Sarah Pennypacker's book, doesn't necessarily "Pay attention" like her teachers intend her to pay attention. But if she paid attention to what the teacher was saying, then she wouldn't notice all the other things that are going on around her at school. Especially this week, which started off with finding her friend Margaret hiding under the bathroom sink and ended up with getting rid of pigeon poop on the steps of her apartment complex. And inbetween, she might have colored something she shouldn't have and called her brother vegetable names. But there's always a reason behind what happens, and even if Clementine doesn't explain it to her parents or teachers or principal or neigbors, she does make sense to her readers.

Ok, fine, and there is also a sequel, The Talented Clementine. And a third one, Clementine's Letter.


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