Friday, August 28, 2009

Clementine's Letter by Sara Pennypacker

I looked over at my teacher. I waited for him to jump up and say, "Nope, sorry, Mrs. Rice. I can't go away for the rest of the year because I promised to be here. I stood right in front of my students and said, 'I will be your teacher this year.' It's still this year, so I have to stay and be their teacher. I won't break my promise."
But he didn't do that. He just sat at his desk smiling at Mrs. Rice! (8-9)

Clementine has just found out that her teacher has been nominated by her principal to go on a archeological dig in Egypt to search for mummies. Which is great for her teacher, but not so great for Clementine. She's just getting the hang of third grade, when the substitute shows up with a whole new set of unknown rules. She's constantly getting in trouble, so when she and her classmates are encouraged to write a letter of support for her teacher, Clementine strikes upon a plan to get her teacher back in the classroom. You'll have to read Sara Pennypacker's newest book to see what Clementine's Letter contains.


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