Saturday, August 08, 2009

Extra Credit by Andrew Clements

Mrs. Beckland gave the box a few good shakes and said, "Here's the way this works. I've got ten different assignments in this box, each one written on a folded piece of paper. You reach in and pull one out, and that's the project you have to do--no second choices, no backsies." She held the box in front of Abby. "So, pick one." (35-36)

Sixth grader Abby Carson is in DEEP trouble. After spending over half the year not doing any school work, she's in danger of being held back and not advancing to seventh grade. After talking with her teachers, she convinces them that she can make up the work, score a B or higher on every remaining test in every remaining subject, and write letters to a foreign pen pal. The letter lands in the hands of Sadeed and his sister Amira, who live in a village in Afghanistan. While Sadeed is the best writer, his sister drafts and signs the letters because it's inappropriate for a boy and a girl to write eachother. But not everyone approves of the arrangement, and trouble begins brewing in Sadeed's village. Andrew Clements fans will enjoy this newest book by him, Extra Credit.


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