Monday, August 03, 2009

Great Bear Lake by Erin Hunter

She stopped as howling broke out behind and above them. Toklo saw four lean shapes crest the ridge and stand outlined for a moment against the reddening sky.
"Wolves!" he snarled. For a heartbeat he wanted to turn and fight, but there were too many of them--more than he could count on his paws. They were thin and savage with hunger. And after so many days of near-starvation, Toklo knew he wasn't strong enough to fight them off. "Head for the valley!"
"But it's the wrong way!" Ujurak protested.
"Run!" Toklo barked. (21)

After essentially running into each other, the grizzly cub Toklo and the changing Ujurak are joined on their trip to "where teh bear spirits dance" by a run-away black bear cub named Lusa. The three bears encounter many hazards on their way, and upon arriving at Great Bear Lake, plan to go their seperate ways. But they can't seem to stay apart, especially when polar bears invade and capture a black bear cub. Will Kallik, an orphaned polar bear, save the day or be pulled by her desire to find her lost brother? Find out in Great Bear Lake, the second book of Erin Hunter's Seekers series.


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