Saturday, August 01, 2009

Highway Cats by Janet Taylor Lisle

The kit's crossing sent a ripple of excitement through the cat community. Never had an entire litter of kittens, tiny infants, no less, been so fortunate as to come across together, without injury, when all hope was dashed and rescue seemed impossible. Who were the little survivors? Everyone wanted to know. How did they get so lucky? (26)

Three kittens cross a divided highway and arrive to the other side safely. Upon their arrival, they encounter a whole community of stray cats that have resided in the scrubland near a new shopping mall. The strays think it's a miracle the kittens survived the trip. However, their luck doesn't seem to hold, as bulldozers soon follow. Will the kittens save the strays, or lead to their demise? Janet Taylor Lisle creates a host of interesting cat characters in Highway Cats.


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