Friday, September 18, 2009

Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford

"Just talk to her," she says. "If you feel yourself trying to brag or be impressive, just stop and ask her a question--a question about her! Ask about drill team. Ask about her singing. Find something about her that you think is especially cute tonight and compliment her on it. Not her boobs or her butt, Carter! Just stick to her clothes or jewelry for tonight. Her hair and her eyes come later. And even if her shoes or toes are cute, don't say anything about them. Some girls think it's weird if you like feet. So avoid the subject. And only one compliment, two at the most! You don't want to cross over into stalker territory. If you run out of things to talk about, just ask her another question. The question is your bread and butter. Got it? Don't try to get her drunk or drag her into some back room, bathroom, or shed!" (36)

This is the advice that freshmen Will Carter receives from his senior big sister Lynn when he arranges his very first date. So what if it's not with the girl of his dreams Amber Lee, but her friend -- the formerly chubby and totally hot Abby. Carter starts falling for Abby, when Amber Lee invites him to ask her out to the homecoming dance instead. Complications obviously arise, which end up affecting his ADD brain and his shaky position on the football team. As he navigates the rest of his freshmen year, Brent Crawford shows readers how Carter Finally Gets It.


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